Past Meetings

Past Meetings

Newsletter 303 September 2015

With livestock beginning to provide some good returns and the hay season starting in many districts, we have some topical speakers for the next meeting.


Judith Atieno: PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide

Judith was the winner of the 2014 Crop Science award at the postgraduate symposium, and will be presenting her new research on the genetics of salinity tolerance in chickpea. Look for her article in this Newsletter.

Jeff Braun: Agrilink Consultants

Productivity of cereals and canola for grazing and grain

Pat Guerin: Balco

High performance dairy cows and Australian oat hay in China

Newsletter 302 August 2015

Agronomy Night

Craig Davis – Craig Davis Agronomy

If you’re worried about the coming fungal invasion, Craig will tell you everything you need to know about fungicide management for the warmer months ahead.!

Glenn McDonald – University of Adelaide

Glenn always gives interesting presentations and will not fail to deliver this time. Wondering what is happening with soil moisture at this time of the year? Glenn will give an update on soil water and also show some current research into the effect of wheat seed nutrition, seed source and size on grain yield.

Newsletter 301 July 2015

Crop Physiology

Kenton Porker: PhD Candidate University of Adelaide

Kenton will present his exciting new findings on the main drivers of flowering time behaviour in barley varieties and how this influences yield across the South Australian cropping environment

Lachlan Lake: Senior Research Officer SARDI

Chickpeas have become Australia’s biggest pulse crop in a very short period of time.

Lachlan is investigating the critical period for chickpea yield formation, in particular traits for abiotic stress and adaptation.

Newsletter 300 June 2015

Crop Protection Night:

Come along and hear from industry representatives about what is new in cropping, new products, registrations and applications. This meeting will provide not only an opportunity to learn about what is new, but also to discuss with other crop science members and key industry people about your experiences using crop protection products.

Speakers will include:

  • John Both (Nufarm and Crop Care)
  • Ashely Pilkington (Adama)
  • Lyndon May (BASF)
  • Mick Lines (Dow AgroSciences)
  • Graham Hatcher (Bayer)

Newsletter 299 April 2015

April Avengers, getting back in control of Mice and Snails!

Michael Nash: SARDI, Entomology

Michael and the entomology group have been doing a great deal of work studying these prolific slime balls in a calcium shell. He will be speaking on the latest research on snails and best management strategies to win back control.

Greg Mutze: Biosecurity SA

Greg has had extensive experience working on management of mice. Come along to hear what there is to know about these despicable pests and how to best manage them. Greg is also keen to hear from Crop Science members on their experiences managing mice this year.

Newsletter 298 March 2015

Darren Ray: Senior Meteorologist/Climatologist – South Australian Regional Climate Services, Bureau of Meteorology

Darren is an experienced meteorologist who at a meeting last June, when we all thought the rain was never going to stop, very accurately predicted the then upcoming dry spring that we experienced.

Darren will talk about forecasts for the 2015 season and new weather related information.

Marg Evans: Plant Pathologist – SARDI

Marg will be covering some very topical information on the cereal diseases Crown Rot & Eye spot, including yield results from last season’s crown rot trials and cover varietal difference in susceptibility to both eyespot and crown rot.

Newsletter 297 February 2015


Rob Wheeler – SARDI

Rob is a seasoned campaigner in the South Australian Ag sector and there is not much he doesn’t know about past, current & new crop varieties. Rob will cover topics like, new cereal varieties, what you should be growing, and pull some interesting details out from that colossal database that is NVT to make this topic of great value and interest to everyone.

Peter Boutsalis: University of Adelaide & Plant Science Consulting

Peter will cover the topic of Glyphosate resistance, something that has become quite common at a paddock level in recent years. Peter will discuss its prevalence, how it works and what can we do to manage this serious problem.

Newsletter 296 October 2014


Dr Rob Norton – IPNI via Skype

Rob will talk on the issues of Potassium and micronutrients. This should be interesting given our often high nutrient removal systems and varied opinions on how to manage them.

Dr Lynne MacDonald – CSIRO

‘Beyond Carbon: the functional role of biochar in farming systems’

Lynne’s talk will cover what biochar is a how it varies depending on feedstock; how it can be used to address specific soil constraints; and how biochar can be used to bring benefit across both animal production and cropping sectors through integrated use.  Usually when we hear ‘biochar’ it is easy to become very sceptical, However, Lynne talks science and discusses the possible benefits and shortfalls of biochar in modern farming systems.

Newsletter 295 September 2014


John Both – Nufarm R&D

‘Registration of weedmaster DST pre-harvest in canola’

This will be all about the new registration of glyphosate (weedmaster DST) to be used for crop-topping and under windrow spraying of ryegrass, which up until now has been an unregistered practice.

Maddy Mittermaier & Royce Pitchford – Urrbrae HS year 12 agriculture students

Agronomy project prize winners, presenting their research projects.

Mick Lines – SARDI Pulseman (he’s got his finger on it)

Will be talking about all Pulse issues relevant this current season.

Newsletter 294 August 2014


Glenn McDonald: University of Adelaide


Glenn will talk about N efficiency given this wet winter. What is N availability at this stage and how much will we need this season?

Michael Laws: University of Adelaide


A topical issue! The cold weather is much later this year, at a risky time of crop development. Michael will tell us what the Frost Research Program is doing to reduce frost losses and risk

Newsletter 293 July 2014


Jenny Davidson and Greg Baker : SARDI

Green Peach Aphid and Beet Western Yellows Virus in Canola?

This is not a talk to miss!! Find out all the latest and breaking information about this potentially devastating virus. It is your chance to have your questions answered by the experts!

James Edwards: A G T

Current Results; James will talk on the work AGT has conducted into yellow leaf spot, fungicides and yield response. He will also tell us about some current weed competition work and growth regulator information.


Your chance to have a say about the next 12 months of Crop Science Society

Newsletter 292 –  June 2014


Peter Boutsalis and Sam Kleeman: University of Adelaide

‘Ryegrass Resistance’

How bad is it? Are there any alternatives? Peter and Sam will also discuss Clethodium – where to now!

Darren Ray: Bureau of Meteorology

‘El Nino Forecasts’

Is it or isn’t it? This talk will answer all your questions about the El Nino forecasts – are they correct  and what can we expect to happen.

March 2014, No. 291


Rob Wheeler – SARDI

Highlighting the good, bad and best of the NVT data – with an interesting twist!

Daniela Montalvo – University of Adelaide

Will present her work on Liquid V’s Granular Phosphorus in acid soils