Annual Reports

NEXT ANNUAL general MEETING for 2020/21

To be held at the Richardson Theatre at the Roseworthy campus of the University of Adelaide in July 2021. The 2020 agenda can be viewed here.


PAST ANNual report 2018/19

Link here for PDF document.

Crop Science Society of SA AGM


Meeting held at Richardson Theatre Roseworthy, University of Adelaide


Date      July 17 2019


Meeting opened: 7:40pm. 

Attendance:  C Davis, A Lehmann, P Grocke, B Munzberg, D Petersen, I Jenkin, J Lush, P Smith, A Behn, G Davies, M Hill, A Pfitzner, J Wilson, B fleet, R Wheeler, C Butler, P Cousins, A Bowyer, J Reichstein, N Wittwer, R Schilling, M Nash, R Konzag, G Schuster, P Lush, D Ray, C Rhodes, Leighton, N Lush, (Zoom) – D Sommerville, Stuart, Rick, P Royal, D Stephenson, A Robinson.

Apologies:  P Boutsalis, T Robinson, K Porker, C Robinson, D Shepherd.



Minutes of previous AGM


Moved:                A Pfitzner            Seconded:     M Hill          Accepted


Business Arising from Previous Minutes


Presidents Report)


The Crop Science Society has had a consistent year with some successful Regional meetings.  We have introduced Zoom webcasts, which currently appear to be catching the shortfall of physical members present at meetings, rather than increasing attendance.


We understand that the Website needs further & regular updating to be relevant, but that process has been initiated and will be ongoing.


Thanks to Judy for continual work on the newsletter, and for promoting improvements in the content of the material.


The feasibility of a dedicated Administration/Communications function to assist in Society engagement with current & potential members has been a slow slog for the last 12 months – but aims to increase member engagement.


Thanks must go to Susan Fuss & Nicky Hannaford for their efforts over the years as Treasurer.  We now look to merge the finance role into the expanded administration & communications role.


Thanks also to the committee who have contributed additional time & work with the regional meetings & other contributions.


Current  membership has been updated to now reflect an actual database count of 313, down from 365. 


Moved: (president)        C Davis                  Seconded: J Wilson         Accepted


Secretaries Report

  • GMO moratorium review. Letter sent to J Darley and Craig, Jamie Wilson and Peter Cousins presented to the committee in July

Comment received from the committee was of the high quality of the CSSSSA letter and presentation


  • Letter to chair of planning commission. Further information has been provided and M Faulkner was nominated as representative on the board. No letter of confirmation has been received



Moved: (secretary)         P Smith   Seconded:  Peter Grocke           Accepted


Treasurers Report

 Little change in income for this year compared to previous, however it is down slightly from 48 members coming off the books.

Scholarships valued at approx $5000 have been awarded. 

 Moved (treasurer)  N. Wittwer                  Seconded C Butler           Accepted



Membership Cost

  • The committee recommends the cost remains at $33.00 ($30 +GST)

Moved                 N Wittwer  Seconded     A Pfitzner    Accepted


CSSSA Life memberships

Hugh Wallwork for significant and regular contribution to the society


Moved M Hill  seconded   R Konzag   Accepted


Crop Science Committee

President thanked all members for their contribution to the CSSSA.  There are no resignations and all executive positions are unchanged as they continue their 2 year term.


All current members are willing to stand and Zac Zweck has agreed to be nominated.

It was moved that all members nominated be approved as committee


Moved                 C Butler    Seconded  P Grocke   Accepted


Positions for 2019/2020


  • President: Craig Davis
  • Vice President: Kenton Porker
  • Secretary: Peter Smith
  • Treasurer: Neil Wittwer
  • Public Officer: Peter Smith


  • Committee Members
    • Judy Rathjen
    • Tom Robinson
    • Anthony Pfitzner
    • Ben Fleet
    • Jamie Wilson
    • Ben Munzberg
    • Dan Petersen
    • Zac Zweck


Crop Science Society of SA Signatories.

  • Signatories
    • Craig Davis (President)
    • Susan Fuss (Book keeper)
    • Anthony Pfitzner (Committee Member)



Has been done by Di McInerney   (CPA) in the past at no cost.

Motion      Committee to appoint an Auditor

Moved   P Cousins   Seconded   C Butler   Accepted.


General Business


  • Administration Position

Application process has been tendered out and 3 applicants replied. The  subcommittee deemed that application by Ag Communicators be accepted (indicating that other applicants lacked the level of experience or expertise).


Quote for 100 hours work is $13000 + GST (i.e. $130/hr.) to administer the major roles of CSSSA. Although considered to be a higher figure than other applicants it was clear that the level of work consolidating current databases, establishing relevant newsletter, meeting and media connections required, warranted the appointment of Ag Communicators.


It was proposed that the society trial this arrangement for 12 months and, using indicators and response from executive committee, as well as a member survey in mid year 2020, determine the feasibility of continuing with Ag Communicators.


Assuming an improvement in member feedback through the survey response there is a potential to increase membership cost $60 pa to cover administration costs.


Indicators of value for money.

  • Efficiency improvements for the operation of committee and society. To be reported by executive.
  • Maintain and improve membership.
  • Improved media opportunities of CSSSA to Ag Community.
  • Maintenance of newsletter distribution and archiving.
  • Improved visibility of the Society through the website and social media. 

Motion:  That Ag Communicators be appointed to undertake the administration role. To gauge the efficiency and value of this appointment at the end of 12 months.

                Moved:   A Pfitzner     seconded   P Grocke       Accepted


  • New Honorary Award

In recognition of the late John Both it was proposed thatan award be set up in his name.

The award is for “Significant contribution to crop protection through field research“.

Nominations will be called for in March each year and announced at the AGM


The award will consist of

  • A certificate to be presented at a formal event along with an emblazoned item of clothing.
  • Media coverage of the winner.

Moved   N Wittwer   Seconded   P Grocke  Accepted


  • Duncan Correll Travel Award
  • 2 nominations have been approved $1000 each


  • Kara Levin is a third year PhD student at the University of Adelaide studying plant breeding and genetics. Her PhD work is on the resistance of wheat against to cereal cyst nematodes (CCN). The scholarship will assist her attend Plant Biology 2019, which is the annual conference of the international American Society of Plant Biologists. She has have been selected to give a talk at Plant Biology 2019 on her abstract titled “Structural modification of the central metaxylem in nematode-infected roots: parasitic strategy or plant defence?” The conference is held in San Jose, CA from August 3-7th, 2019.
  • Jade Rose is currently the Hart Field-Site Group regional intern. Previous to this position she completed her honours with SARDI and The University of Adelaide in 2018 where she was researching ascochyta blight in lentils. At Hart she is working on field trials looking at reducing blackspot in field pea, using canopy management and fungicides. The scholarship will assist her attend the Australasian Plant Pathology (APPS) conference (25th-28th November) in Melbourne. She has submitted an abstract for the conference to present a poster (or oral presentation) based on her honours project.


  • Meeting time and attendance

The meeting confirmed the committees plan to continue with current meeting format.


  • Tony Rathjen Newsletter prize
    • No nomination

Meeting Closed

8.20    pm